For me, there was only one thing more painful than this.

How an Angel Taught Me to Thrive in This War Between Good and Evil

As I heard my own voice, I was shocked. I could not believe the words that came out of my mouth! …

Thank you so much, Anna! This is a HUGE question that most of humanity is struggling to understand.

For me, the pandemic has highlighted the need for connection. We all have this need. So... what can I... can we do about it?

I have been blessed with the talents, skills, and tools to design, develop, and deliver "Embrace the Angel" silk scarves, ties, and pillow covers to those who need it most: the bereaved and critically ill.

I'm a Life Coach as well as an End-of-Life Doula and find the most profound meaning at the beginning and the end of Life as we know it.

Again... thank you so much for highlighting the open-hearted need to connect with each other.

Patti DiMiceli

Born in Queen of Angels hospital in Los Angeles, I knew from a very early age, that I was chosen…that my reason for coming to earth was predestined.

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